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1. Decide your desired flavor(s)

2. Decide your desired quantity or quantities

3. Send your order via the contact form

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Year-round caramel flavors

  • Classic Caramel​

    • A classic creamy, slightly salted soft caramel

  • Chocolate

    • Rich Callebaut chocolate is used to create this sweet, buttery, chocolatey caramel

  • Cinnamon Cajeta

    • Inspired by Mexican cajeta (dulce de leche), this goat-milk-based caramel has a slight tang and is finished off with a dash of sweet cinnamon​​​​

  • Espresso

    • A definite pick-me-up for coffee lovers

  • Ginger​

    • Fresh ginger is used to create a bright flavor

  • Raspberry 

    • Simultaneously juicy and buttery; ripe raspberries are used to deliver a strong berry flavor ​

Seasonal caramel flavors

  • Lemon Lavender (March - May) CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE

    • Bright, citrusy lemon is paired with fragrant lavender to deliver a flavor reminiscent of a sunny spring day

  • Lemon Rosemary (March - May) CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE

    • Earthy rosemary and fruity lemon combine in this buttery and unique flavor

  • Apple Cider (September - November) 

    • Once described as "a buttery apple pie," this autumn favorite will have you reaching for your coziest flannel shirt. 

  • Gingerbread (November - December) CURRENTY UNAVAILABLE

    • Your favorite cookie/cake/house in caramel form. Molasses and spices are used to deliver an authentic gingerbread flavor.

Quantity options 


4 piece bag (2oz)


One of the above flavors packaged in a biodegradable clear natural cellophane bag​.

10 piece box (5oz)


Up to two of the above flavors packaged in a recyclable kraft paper box​. 

25 piece box (12oz)


Up to five of the above flavors packaged in a recyclable kraft paper box.

Looking for a different quantity or a custom size? Contact us to see what we can do for you

*Valentines Day "Berries and Chocolate" 25 piece variety boxes: if you are ordering this option, please make sure to check the appropriate box in the order form. Pickup for all orders containing the "Berries and Chocolate" boxes will be on Saturday February 12, 2022 between 9am  and 1pm in Woodbury (address will be given to you once your order is confirmed)
*As caramels are handcrafted, please allow 3 to 4 days for your order to be filled

*Follow @sweetlabconfections on Instagram and Facebook for special delivery days to other towns and for occasional sales

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